Speaking with your unborn child in the weeks and days before labour begins will prepare you both for the birthing journey you are about to make together.

In the final weeks before my due date, I began preparing my little one for the journey she was about to make. This is so important to do because it connects you even more so with the little person that’s growing inside of you. It will bond you, so that you are psychically able to listen to her needs when the time comes for the little one to move down your birth canal and into the big beautiful world.

Before starting your daily practice, it’s important to create a delicious, sacred space – just like the one you will create when labour begins. Turn the lights down low, play your birthing playlist in the background – mine was a compilation of extremely relaxing, soothing spiritual music. Spray your face and upper body with an aura spray of lavender oil or put a few drops of your favourite relaxing essential oil in a diffuser. Last but not least, ingest a few drops of your favourite flower elixir, setting your intention to meet with your unborn baby in meditation.

Once nestled in my sacred space, sitting cross-legged on a mandala cushion or the bed, I would sit quietly, breathing deeply until I had arrived at a state of altered awareness. With my hands on my belly, I visualized my baby in utero until I felt that connection with my child. Once the connection was made, I would speak to her.

Out loud, I’d say something like this to my baby:

You’ll be making a journey to meet me soon
Into the real world and into my loving arms
A journey that’s only very short in distance
But it may feel a little far
But don’t worry
All will be well
It’s a journey we will make together
You will see lights for the first time
You will breathe air for the first time
You will feel air for the first time
You will see me for the first time
I will be listening to you
If you need me to move, tell me
If you need me to push, tell me
If you need me to rest, tell me
I’m here for you, to help you reach me on this journey
Do not be afraid
All will be well
And I cannot wait to meet you
To hold you
To kiss you
To feed you
To soothe your cries
To caress your soft skin
Because I love you
And you love me
You chose me
And I chose you
I found that my little one would respond physically to the words I would say once we were connected, as though we were really speaking to one another.

Make this a daily practice in the time you have before your due date. It will help you to feel calm about the birth and prepare you to meet your little angel. Enjoy!

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