About Me

Angie boho
I’m Angie, a journalist, environmental activist, joy catalyst, mother, and child of spirit who’s mission in life is to make the world a better place. Having lived all over Indonesia, the UK, and Singapore, my little family and I recently made the move to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, to connect back with nature, live with the land and feel a deep connection with the elements once more. 

I’m a big believer that the food we choose to put on our plates has the power to save the world and every creature we share it with.

The sad reality is the world and our species is at a crossroads. The oceans and lands are filled with plastic that is leeching harmful chemicals into the environment, the eco-systems and the food chain. People are sick and continue to get sicker, eating poor diets heavy in processed foods, meat and dairy, not to mention consuming high levels of poison from toxins sprayed on our fresh produce.

Never before has there been such an over-abundance yet such a disconnect and disregard for the food we consume. In affluent or high-income countries, more and more people are suffering from heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, and lower respiratory infections than ever before. On top of all this, depression has become a global epidemic due to pressures from a fast-paced, unforgiving modern-day lifestyle.

Many of us have lost our ability to connect with Mother Nature. We are disconnected from our food and marching further and further away from connection with Mother Nature. Food is the cure to all our problems, from disease to climate change, and a change in what we eat will lead to our awakening as a species towards a conscious and sustainable way of living – one that is less stressful, more present, and more of service.

Through this blog, I aim to reveal information that can help people live a healthier lifestyle that supports and promotes health and the wellbeing of Mother Earth. My mission for Feed Earth Spirit is to change how people eat, how we look at food, how we feed their children, and how we nourish and heal our souls, which can come from physical food as well as spiritual nourishment such as meditation, dance, shamanic journeying, and fostering a deep connection with Great Spirit, or the essence of life.

At this pivotal crossroads we can choose to be enlightened; we can change the food we eat and change our behaviours towards living in harmony with nature and in harmony with our true highest selves. This is the path to true change. I hope you will join me 🙂